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Candelicious is specialised in making pillar candles of the highest, purest quality with 100% natural ingredients only. All ingredients come from sustainable and renewable plant based sources.

Candelicious was created in 2009 and is mainly supplying the yachting and villa industry! All candles are made with 100% natural and pure ingredients coming from sustainable and renewable plant based resources, not containing any paraffin. 

There are different sizes pillar candles to choose from with various diameters. All candles are clean burning, without releasing toxins into the air. This will save the crew a lot of time not having to clean the glass lanterns every day. Another huge advantage is that our candles do not melt or change shape in the sun. This can save quite a bit of time not having to clear away the candles from the lanterns on deck during the day.

Orders can be made via email at info@candelicious.fr or by phone.

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