Multiple Wick Pillar Candles


3-wick pillar
50 Burn hours
Ø 15.5cm x H.9cm
Weight: 1.400kg

Medium 4-wick pillar
95 Burn hours
Ø 19cm x H.15cm
Weight: 3.775kg

Large 4-wick pillar
180 Burn hours
Ø 19cm x H.24cm
Weight: 6kg

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These multiple wick candles are natural wax candles. They are made from plant based wax coming from sustainable sources and they have pure cotton wicks. They have a beautiful crystallized structure like snow flakes and will burn down very slowly while keeping a shell on the outside. These pillar candles will not melt down or loose their shape in the sun!

All the wicks need to be trimmed to 0.5cm in between each burning to prevent the flame becoming to big which could cause the candle to leak! Candles should be burned 3 hours at a time only.

3-wick pillar:
Burn hours: 50 hours
Dimensions Product: H. 9cm x D. 15.5cm
Weight: 1.400 kg

Medium 4-wick pillar: 

Burn hours: 95 hours
Dimensions: H. 15cm x D. 19cm
Weight: 3.775 kg

Large 4-wick pillar:

Burn hours: 180 hours

Dimensions: H24cm x D. 19cm

Weight: 6 k

Weight 1.400 kg
Dimensions 15.5 x 15.5 x 9 cm

3-Wick (Ø 15.5cm / 50 hrs), Medium 4-wick (Ø 19cm / 95 hrs), Large 4-Wick (Ø 19cm / 180 hrs)


No Fragrance, Citronella, Lemongrass & Mint (Anti-Mosquito), Green Tea & Bergamot, Jasmine Flower, Leather & Teak, Sandalwood