Large Glass Pot Candles


Burn hours: 80 hours

Dimensions Product: H 14cm x 14cm diameter

Total Weight Product: 2300g

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100% pure Soy Wax is hand poured into these beautiful thick glass holders. The candles have cotton wicks and a Fragrance of your choice.
Once the candle’s burned down, a refill can be placed or the glass holder can be used for other decoration purposes.
The glass holders are specially made for candelicious and come in different sizes and colours and. Choice of colours are smoky black, white and silver.

Burn Time: approximately 80 hours

Extra information:
For the best results, trim wick to 0.5cm after first burning and after that every few burnings.
Each candle made by Candelicious contains 100% pure vegetable wax and has a cotton wick without any lead or zinc.


White, Silver


No Fragrance, Citronella, Lemongrass & Mint (Anti-Mosquito), Green Tea & Bergamot, Jasmine Flower, Leather & Teak, Sandalwood